The Who, What, Where, and How of The Neon Trend

The Who, What, Where, and How of The Neon Trend 1

Among the fashionistas across the world, there are so many women and men embracing the neon trend!
Fresh Off The Runway

Fresh Off The Runway 0

Get the Newest Milanblocks handbags fresh off the runway at Los Angeles's Sanctuary Fashion Week!

We've just released three new handcrafted designs which were featured on the runway earlier this month.

You too can feel like a model in our newest accessories. Just take your pick and upgrade your look to fashion icon in no time!


Check out a glimpse of the show! Sanctuary Fashion Show

How to choose a Wedding Clutch or Bridal Accessory 0

There are not rules about wedding style! Every celebrity tries to catch media attention with elegant and sophisticated dresses. However each woman knows that the key to make an outfit successful is an eye-catching accessory,Your wedding dress, shoes and Clutches are the big three when it comes to bridal accessories.But how to choose a clutch you can wear like a famous superstar and also not over your budget bride? You need to consider the price and also the style that can also use in the future any other parties and price, we recommend yo to choose a Lovely Heart-Shape Clutch, it stands for love, it can be also used on Valentin's day, mother day and any other fashion prom dancing event party. Silky material with beautiful crystal flower pattern on the top, it comes four colors, pink, steel, silver and champagne, all colors are usually can match your wedding shoes, or casual outfit too.

This summer is for LOVE LOVE.



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