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Hi, I am Sara Cline, the designer of Milanblocks.

 I launched my first collection on eBay without any background in fashion schools. I was so suprised my design was so popular. In 2013, I graduated from ArsSutoria Bag design school in Italy. After I returned, I had moved off eBay to my own brand. A year and half later, my design, especially the evil eye bag and colorful cubic bag, put me on the map. Even a couple of celebrites are my loyal customers. Keeping the passion for creation is the soul of my life. Success is determined by details. Milan is the high fashion city that I love. Blocks, is the shape of my clutch bag picture. So, I named her as Milanblocks. My box clutches combine crystals. acrylics, and patent leathers with animal prints, florals, and tropical effects. I believe if you have passion and keep walking forawrd you will get to where you want to be. Has been seen

What Celebrities Say:

Mamajan: the voucher of Justin Biber


Sophie from UK, Brooke Poston from TX, USA, Kristina From New York, Cara from Seattle, Bella from Canada and so many. We made a big achievement from this.



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"A playful clutch can add just the right hint of fun to any outfit."
I Love You So, Clutch.
ODE TO HRS - February 10, 2016
Love Clutch
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Stunning for my night out."
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"A good day with my stunning clutch."
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"LOVE this! Makes the perfect gift! Pleasure of people to work with! Amazing"