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2017 trendy acrylic clutch 0

2017 trendy acrylic clutch
Photographer: Ray
It is so happy I am going to talk about the new and trendy style for 2017 in acrylic box clutch.
Today I'am going to share these stunning acrylic clutch trends for 2017. Now let me begin by saying the mother of pearl clutch are always in trend. I will spend more time on this royal blue acrylic clutch because it can be carried for many events or party. Or even just carry for fun with jeans and shirt.
Model: Sabrina, Photographer: Ray
Trendy handbags and clutch are a fun accessory to add to your outfits but I personally don't want to spend as much money on a trendy handbag.
Here are some trendy bags coming this spring to 2017 summer. I picked several very HOT and trendy which is under $100, ship from Houston, TX..
black gold glitter stipe clutch
                             Model: Sabrina, Photographer: Ray
hawaii flower acrylic clutch
evil eye box clutch
Or if you want to have a silver sparkling clutch with a name, you must found the right place for your monogram lucite clutch, personalized your bag with your name just like this for about $107.
monogram lucite clutch
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7 Tips on Choosing a Clutch for Your Outfit 4

It is important to strike the right balance with bags; otherwise an outfit might simply turn out all wrong. One accessory in particular is important on both a function level and a fashion level: the clutch purse.Most people think clutch is only for wedding and evening, but nowadays, they are for everyday, you can bring it to beach with a boat lucite cluch,

how amazing, isn't it? You also can carry your clutch with your chic brush dress like our fantastic Blog Cara

if you feel like you want to travel, why not bring a pineapple clutch to enjoy your tropical like and wonderful hawaii trip?

ok now lets start to discuss what is the 7 tips

1. Select the Right Size for Your Body Type

2. Select the Right Size for Your Stuff

3. Pick an Appropriate Color to match your outfit

4. Choose a Versatile Clutch

5. Pick a Quality Material

6. Consider a Clutch with a Strap

7. Pick a Clutch with Some Pockets


Tropical toucan perspex clutch 1

Today I was so happy and surprised we had so much fun to shoot together with Houston Fashion Blogger authenticallyb. And also enjoying all things to do together, meantime, we met another fashion blogger at the same studio who love our box clutch and ordered 2 from us immediately. She said she is so impressed with my all design with so good price under $100 for a luxury designer box clutch. I was so happy to meet so many fashion people in Houston, TX. Such a Fun day. xoxo



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How About buying some cutest evening clutch?
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