Brand Story

Milanblocks was founded in 2012 by Sara Jiang who is adept at designing and creating evening clutches with non-traditional material acrylic. Like many Asian families, her parents did not support her fashion dream, so she had to make her own way to the expensive school Parson in NYC. Daytime for school, nighttime for business, after years of study and work, she finally achieved some goals. Her brand finally entered Macy's store and was also covered by more prominent magazines such as ELLE, COSMO, STYLYWATCH, and Seventeen. 


All of her designs are inspired by CHILDHOOD, TIME, and RELATIONSHIPS. She loves fashion because of a very silly reason, as she never got dressed up when she was a little kid. She is nostalgic for the color of macarons and bow elements, so the colors of my bags are very flamboyant to show the time of my childhood. 


Just like everyone, she has been through a lot in her life, because of love, she was married, some reason she divorced, broke up, and fall in love again. She describes the story of her life with her design. She also realized that dreams, life, and creativity are all connected together always. I would like to say that it does not only represent her story, I believe that the artistic style it shows also represents the dream and growth process of all of us. It's beautiful and full of hope and love, and we don't give up the power of love because of a failure and don't stop moving forward because of it. We need to work hard to pursue our dreams, the greatest power of success is to never give up.