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Milanblocks is gearing up for the RUNWAY SHOW debut at Canoe Studios in the heart of NYC on February 11, 2024. Our newest collection immerses itself in the captivating realm of Y2K trend loungewear, presenting enchanting patterns such as pearls, chains, and lace bows. Emphasizing a playful aesthetic, the collection highlights the fusion of feminism-inspired elements. The interplay of chains and pearls in the collection serves as a symbolic representation of the journey toward freedom and self-love. Its distinctiveness goes beyond mere visual appeal, weaving a narrative of self-expression, liberation, and the exuberant celebration of beauty in every silhouette.


* 12/15/23-01/01/24线上筛选

* 报名方式:少儿模特卡 照、过往走秀视频,姓名、年龄,请将以上内容同时发到邮箱,,主题application for NYFW-Milanblocks

* 01/01/24-01/31/24 入选模特服装定制,线上沟通了解,模特准备阶段。

* February 10: Fitting at Canoe Studios

* February 11: Show Day at Canoe Studios

* February 12: Evening Afterparty at Virgo


* Age 7-15

* 0.5 years Model experience

* 具备稳定的心理素质和社交能力,能独自走完完整的runway

* 有大赛经验或欧美主流秀场经验优先

* 有一定的英文交流能力


* Receive an exclusive set of designer clothing valued

* Receive Videos and images from the official producer and renowned artist.

*免费 高定化妆造型

* Possibility of feature in a renowned fashion magazine like ELLE, VOGUE and Cosmo etc

* 将跟随独立设计师进入真正的纽约时装周主流业内秀场,获得一次走秀展示机会,在世界范围内众多的独立设计师及品牌面前获得曝光,与众多顶级名模同台共舞。

* Enjoy complimentary entry to the Afterparty on February 12, 2024, location TBD,与众多名流设计师、模特经纪公司、名模一同参与到private after party,获得交流机会。(Dress Code: Formal evening attire/black tie required)

* 设计师官方网站视频及照片展示。


* LingoAce付费学员将会获得额外的sponsor,减免注册费用,入选选手将代表LingoAce品牌形象走上舞台。(报名时候请备注LingoAce付费学员)

* ARS少儿模特大赛获奖选手可以获得额外的抵免(报名时候请备注ARS少儿模特大赛获奖信息)。


* 2月11日主秀场只有选手可以入场,2月12日after party家长可以免费参与。

* 一旦付款,不接受退款。

Iconic Y2K Trend

Milanblocks was born out of my deep-rooted passion for fashion and a desire to break free from societal norms. Despite facing resistance and pressure to conform, my journey began as a rebellion against conventional expectations, fueled by a love for the vibrant beauty of pink hues, flowers, and lace that transport us to a fairy-tale world

Talk about your brand

A decade ago, fueled by a deep passion for design, sewing, and handcrafting, I entered the fashion world. Vintage and cottage core aesthetics, representing my core values of love, time, and relationships, inspired me. Despite initial resistance from family and friends, I pursued my dream after graduating in business trade, studying fashion design at PARSON NYC and The U.A.L in the UK. In 2014, my designs gained recognition, featuring in national magazines and designer collections at Macy's. Using sustainable materials like acrylic, my creations, such as the evil eye clutch and cubic clutch, garnered attention for their elegance and timelessness. Grateful for the support on this journey, I embraced challenges in the pursuit of my dreams, even relocating to the United States for love. Through determination and hard work, I overcame obstacles, mastered a new language, and found success. Let's continue to chase our dreams and embrace a life full of possibilities.

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