Lace up - A string threaded through the eyelets of a shoe used for fastening the shoe.

Ankle Strap - A strip of cloth or leather that wraps around the leg where it meets the foot in order to secure the shoe to the foot.

Ballet Flats -A soft, slipper-like, closed-toe shoe with no heel height, modeled after the shoes worn by ballet dancers.

Booties -A shoe that resembles a boot in style but does not have a shaft.

Cap Toe - A decorative layer of leather adorning and reinforcing the toe of certain dress shoes, often highlighted by a line of decorative stitching.

Clog - A closed toe, open back shoe with a platform sole. Traditionally with a wood heel.

Clutch - A narrow, handheld bag with strap for evening and party and wedding.

Cowboy boots -A boot with a chunky, moderately high slanted heel, usually pointed toe, and decorative stitching or tooling, extending to mid-calf.

EVA -Ethylene vinyl acetate.

Flip Flops - A flat sandal which is held to the foot solely by a strap that runs over and between the toes

Flats-Shoes that do not have any heel height. 

Finish - The surface texture or patina of a material. 

Fringe-Suede fabric that is cut into strips to create movement

Heel Height -Measurement taken on a vertical line that extends from the bottom surface of the sole to the floor

Leather Upper-The bulk of the exterior of the shoe, everything except the sole and interior, made of leather rather than man-made materials.

Manmade- Not made from an animal. 

Oxfords -A low shoe with laces over the instep.

Peeo toe -A shoe with a narrow opening in the front that exposes the toes

Patent - Various materials can be used to create a varnished hard and glossy finish

Pumps -Women's dress shoes that are typically characterized by a medium or high heel. Styles are typically completely enclosed.

Sandals -An exposed shoe style that includes an open toe and open back. Slips on and is held in place with leather or fabric straps across the foot.

Wood Clutch - A clutch make from wood

Sling Back - A backless shoe that is held in place with a strap at the back of the foot. The strap is typically elastic or buckled for adjustment.

Stiletto- A very thin, very high heeled shoe, the heel of which tapers nearly to a point where it comes into contact with the ground.

Studs-Decorative metal (or plastic) knobs or points, that stick out from the surface of the decorated item.

Suede-Treated leather that comprises a soft, napped surface.

Synthetic Materials-Materials which are man-made and not naturally produced.

Tassel-A knotted rope ornamental piece typically found on a shoe vamp.

Wedge Heels-A heel that extends from the back to the ball of the shoe, laying flat on the ground.

Transparent Clutch- A clutch make from Acrylic

Fruit Straw Purse- a purse straw made.

Mutes-A shoe or sandal characterized by a closed, or nearly closed, toe and a backless heel of any height.

Mary Jane- A shoe with strap across the instep that is attached with elastic, Velcro, or buckle.