Evil Eye Clutch


Evil eye Acrylic Evening Clutch

evil eye clutch

A clutch is like a lifeline for a woman when she moves out of her home. It is a handy purse that she has to hold in her hands while traveling but a very useful accessory that not only serves as a fashion statement but also holds some very important things for her. There are all sorts of clutches available in the market but one particular handbag that is creating waves these days is one that is made of acrylic and is rectangular in shape. The highlight of this clutch is the playful evil eye that is made on one side of the purse. By carrying this clutch to casual parties and social gatherings, you can make sure that all eyes are on you.


This cute looking clutch measures only 25X10.5 cm and it is also not very wide. This means that it is lightweight and portable making it easy for you to carry all your essential personal belongings along with you. Both sides of the clutch are very shiny because of the use of glitter in its design. The blue and black evil eye on one of the sides is visually very appealing and gives you a playful personality that helps in breaking the ice in the company of others. At the top of the clutch is the feature of a button I n the shape of two hands clasping each other. It looks very interesting in a party when you open or close this clutch.


One very useful feature of this playful clutch is the provision of a silver chain that allows you to dangle the purse on your shoulders or across your body if and when you so desire. This feature proves very useful when you are travelling outside and taking a public transport like a train or a bus. This chain makes sure that you do not forget your clutch on the seat of the bus or train in hurry. This clutch has been lined with viscose on the inside to keep all your personal items safely in it.


Silver glitter evil eye clutch has a shape and size that is very easy to carry to all places where you go whether it is college, shopping in a mall, or a casual evening party. Not only is this clutch fashionable and very beautiful, it also inspires confidence with its solid and robust design and build.

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