Parrot On Her Shoulder

Parrot On Her Shoulder

Tropical Acrylic Clutch , Vintage Lucite Clutch,These pictures are from


She is a fashion blogger and Digital Content Manager for LAS VEGAS, the first time we met was in ASD Trade show in Vegas, she is very sweet and kind beauty, she bought our purses there, after a month, we are so excited to be tagged by her via instagram, later is on her fashion blog.

"You can’t go wrong with a white top – it would match any color and give you that clean cut look. Instead of jewelry, I opted for this cute acrylic clutch made by Milanblocks.  It was only a tiny fraction of her price point. She said.

Yes, there are many friends asked me why this is soooo great price for these amazing design, I said, I want everyone to get something cool, really get them, not only just window shopping and then leave us. We want to make every customer happy and also offer affordable arts pieces which is very important to spread us to everyone out of there.

We are so happy to hear that our those blogger fans to love us so much!

vintage acrylic clutch

vintage acrylic clutch



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