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WOW again! Congrats we are on Seventeen Magazine

WOW again! Congrats we are on Seventeen Magazine 0

We are so happy and announce our Colorful cubic box clutch is on Seventeen magazine March-2017 issue.I found this babe when i was traveling in DC, at the train station!

I was so surprised!

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Congrats! We are on Life & Style Magazine!

Congrats! We are on Life & Style Magazine! 0

It is so happy to see our brand has been published in Life & Style Magazine as February 27, 2017. When you flip the second page, you are going to see our bags are on it !

How amazing and happy to see these work.

2017 Milanblocks is going to be the peek of fashion world!


life & style magazine

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MaMa Jan Birthday Gift-Milanblocks clutch

MaMa Jan Birthday Gift-Milanblocks clutch 0

Hi, everyone, I want to say that I am sooo excited to make a customised clutch for Mama Jan.

Jan Smith was a successful solo musician for years, but once she started helping others hone their craft, she knew she had found her calling.

Smith is known as "Mama Jan" to her clients — which include stars from all genres, such as Drake, Sugarland, Trey Songz, and Colbie Caillat.

I still remember when I was in university, I am so big fan of Justin Bieber. Specially his boyfriend song.

Mama Jan,Became Justin Bieber's Vocal Coach. How amazing. Her music and everything is awesome.



I am still beyond happy to make a custom name bag for her, at the night, my husband and I just work on this fantastic project which will hand in her hand at the next weekend.

Also I personally Thank you everyone support me, a small team here, who work hard for our lives.

Thank Justin Bieber to like on twitter.


At the end, we got one thanks letters from them in the mail, which is another surprised. Thank you again!!


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Milanblocks and  Meru Merus Fashion show in Houston 9/2/2016

Milanblocks and Meru Merus Fashion show in Houston 9/2/2016 2

Fashion show, Houston Runway, Milanblocks, Box Clutch, Acrylic Clutch

Wonderful night with Meru Merus fashion dresses with our Vintage Acrylic Clutch in Houston, 2016.

Designer Sara, Milanblocks,

Milanblocks runway houston vintage clutch

How excited our bags were wore by so many beautiful.

Milanblocks runway houston

She is really sweet, at the end of show, never forgot helping:)

Milanblocks Runway houston

Yanet, a fashion and pro model in houston, thank you to walk with us.

luxury acrylic box personal clutchhouston runway fashion show houston

He, Meru, who is the designer of the Chic dress on the beautiful model. A custom acrylic clutch is made from Milanblocks. How amazing night!



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